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                  What are the main tasks of graphic design? What are the prospects? Career direction?
                  The work of graphic designer will vary according to different companies and positions.
                  Companies are roughly divided into two categories, Party A's company and Party B's company. Most of the graphic designers employed by Party A are responsible for the design of some materials for the company's brand publicity and product publicity. The graphic designer of Party B's company, in addition to being responsible for some material design of the company's brand publicity and product publicity, is also responsible for completing the company's orders and carrying out brand design and material design for customers.
                  Different positions generally depend on the level and position of designers. Entry level graphic designers generally only do some very basic work, such as drawing revision, typesetting, document modification and so on. The junior designer will start to do some design work and complete the design manuscript independently. In addition to completing the design draft independently, intermediate designers may also participate in the formulation of the overall creative design scheme. Reaching the level of senior designer is also to complete the design task independently, but the design draft given is not only creative, but also combined with the needs of consumers. Then there are some more management oriented jobs, such as design director and art director. Although their work is still closely related to graphic design, they are more about overall planning or giving guidance suggestions.